About HackUTK

Security is our passion. We teach, compete, and push students forward in computer security.

Who We Are

HackUTK is the resident computer security organization at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. We are an entirely student-run organization that was founded to provide a corner of our university for students interested in learning about and exploring the rapidly changing world of computer security. At our core, we are a group of self-taught security enthusiasts who find a passion in sharing our knowledge with those sincerely interested in learning. We do our best to prepare resources, organize meetings, and host events completely on our own time and at no cost to our members.

What We Do

Regular Meetings

We hold regular meetings hosting interactive, educational presentations and skill sessions open to the entire student body on a wide range of techical subjects in the field of security. Our topics include but are not limited to reverse engineering, web security, penetration testing, cryptography, vehicle security, binary exploitation, network security, malware analysis, digital forensics, embedded security, incident response, and even some physical security topics like lockpicking.

Capture the Flag

We try to particpate in several computer security competitions known at CTFs throughout the year. We bring in industry engineers and security experts from sponsors like Cisco to hang out with the students while competing at these events, as well as providing food and drinks. We have particpated in CSAW, PolyCTF, Hack.Lu, and PlaidCTF in the past, and hope to particpate in more in the future.

Connect with the Industry

We try to connect our members to sponsor companies and other companies looking to network with and meet students in the field, with the end goal of providing places for our members to join when they graduate. We are always looking for more sponsors, industry speakers, and industry involvement, so please get in touch if you want to be involved.

Everything Else

We do many other things as an organization, like the occasional hacker movie night, hosting industry speakers on a variety of topics, attend security conferences, particpate in community outreach, and more. We are always open to suggestions from members on what more we could do.

Joining HackUTK

If you're a student at UTK and would like to join HackUTK, please fill out this Google form and that's it! It will also ask you to join our mailing list via a quick signup page.

We try not to spam, but we're an active organization so you can expect at least one or two emails every two weeks announcing our meetings along with their time and place, as well as any other events like CTF's, industry speakers, special sessions, etc. We may also send out information we receive from our sponsor companies or other companies seeking interns or new graduates to hire that you may want to apply for.