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Getting in Touch

We'd love to hear form you, and we have a few ways you can get in touch with us. We've also included our PGP key in the off chance you want to encrypt or sign your messages to us. We encourage you to join the Discord team we have for HackUTK. All of the leadership is on there, as well as a large portion of the members, and it is where we will also make announcements for meetings, chat during CTF's, ask any questions you have, seek mentorship, and just hang out remotely when we're not together.


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Join the organization's group chat:

Joining HackUTK

If you're a student at UTK and would like to join HackUTK, please fill out this Google form and that's it! It will also ask you to join our mailing list via a quick signup page.

We try not to spam, but we're an active organization so you can expect at least one or two emails every two weeks announcing our meetings along with their time and place, as well as any other events like CTF's, industry speakers, special sessions, etc. We may also send out information we receive from our sponsor companies or other companies seeking interns or new graduates to hire that you may want to apply for.