HackUTK is a community of passionate
hackers that love security, learning,
and building the world of tomorrow.

We organize regular meetings on computer security topics, compete in computer security competitions,
and network with professionals in the security industry.

Training the next generation of security experts

We aim to provide bi-monthly meetings of members to discuss computer security topics, develop skills in security research and engineering, and hear from security professionals in our sponsor organizations.

Dominating the competition in Capture the Flag events

We participate in Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions as often as we can, bringing together students at UTK to work together in teams in these novel computer security competitions.

Connecting our members with security professionals

We strive to connect our members with contacts in the computer security and technology industry, thus enabling our members to find exciting and cutting-edge opportunities in the industry during and after their time at UTK.

Spreading the word about computer security

We are enabling the members of our organization to be able to go out and evangelize best practices in security to their future companies and workplaces, something that is desperately needed in a world of constant cyber attacks.


We hold regular meetings where we teach valuable skills from beginner to advanced computer security and computer science concepts to our members. We also bring in industry professionals to give trainings based on their real-world experience.


We participate in several Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions per year, where our members computer security skills are truly put to the test. Mentors and engineers from our sponsor companies come out to help student teams while they compete.

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